Concrete Core Activation

Concrete Core Activation

Concrete core activation is more attractive nowadays, because it is a new innovative, but especially inexpensive method to cool and heat a building. The concrete core activation uses the ability of the building’s ceilings and walls to store energy inside, which can heat the room in winter and cool it in summer.

The concrete core activation is used more often for modern architecture, for example in offices, administration buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and museums.

Prefabricated pipe systems are installed in the ceilings or walls, where water circulates and takes the heat from the walls to cool the room and gives the heat to the walls to heat the room.

This method is a modern, but rather young technique, which needs a totally different approach in planning and installation as other methods. Know-how of experts regarding planning, dimensioning, as well as regulating and controlling of the installation is very vital.

Here at Consulting Janssen GmbH we will take care of everything from planning up to regulating and controlling of the installation, so that your building is up to the latest standards.