Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Heating and cooling with near-surface geothermal energy

Did you know, that just a few metres under the surface the temperature stays relatively constant throughout the whole year?

Inside constructive necessary concrete components, which have a close contact to soil, (e.g. foundations, supporting walls or piles), polythene plastic pipes are fitted, combined to a cycle and connected to the heating-cooling system of the building. A fluid, which as an energy source can transport heat as well as cold, circulates through the polythene plastic pipes.

Modern, up-to date heat- and cold pumps use the underground as seasonal energy storage, which stores the excess heat from the building in the hot summer months. The heat which was stored in the underground can be used in the winter months to heat the building.

Consulting Janssen GmbH supports by planning and performing the installation of geothermal energy systems for components close to soil.